Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am happy to be starting a new week! I could do a run down of something not so good that happened every day last week, Monday - Friday, which left me feeling emotional and raw. It didn't, however, stop me from having a blast this weekend with family and friends. Life truly is about your outlook, and I managed to prove that to myself. Things turn around and get better - you just need to know when to take a break and step back from the craziness that is your day to day life. So, even though I'm feeling better overall about life, here goes a rehashing of some of the events and emotions that were last week for me.

Even when things look grim, family is there to pull you out and save you, whether with a well placed phone call, a hug, or even providing the resources to make something work out. I am blessed to have the family I do to help me through anything that comes up.

I'm worried that my back has been hurting for almost 3 weeks now, and my high heals may be part of the issue. I am going to drag myself to the doctor, though, and let him tell me how to fix it and what not to do. Hopefully the heals are fine :-)

I'm sad I wasn't able to join my friends for a wild ride at the Warrior Dash this weekend, but I had to realize that I can't push myself right now (which actually gets me mad). They did keep me posted with awesome stories, so next year I can take on that challenge.

A round of golf with a friend you haven't seen in years is a great way to relieve stress. It's even better when other friends are able to join you.

A lesson reinforced (because I have learned it many times): Your hair can be your best friend or your worst enemy - make the most out of what you have.

There are some things out of your control - it's OK to feel upset about them, but it isn't OK to dwell on these feelings or let them manifest into a negative outlook. Worry about your loved one who has to have a small procedure done - send some love and prayers their way and trust they will be ok.

Biggest trend from last week for me: Stay positive and keep moving - good things will come your way. And when all else fails, buy yourself some fabulous new shoes (which I have amazingly been able to avoid doing this past week).