Friday, April 29, 2011

Does anyone know what shoes Kate wore?

The dress was gorgeous, the bride and groom were beaming, the guests looked amazing, the hats were spectacular, and England has a new princess. I swore I wasn't going to get sucked in, but I have to admit I woke up this morning and watched the recap, and then went online to catch the pictures, and even waited to get into the shower until after the kiss (X2). It was an exciting and joyous occasion (and I wonder if Catherine Middleton truly knew what she was getting into).

I did see some amazing shoes on the guests, but with that amazing train on that amazing dress, we have no way of knowing what shoes she wore. I'm curious... maybe we will see some gorgeous shoes with the reception outfits - keep your eyes peeled. At least we had the hats to look at - I guess accessories will have to do (and even though it isn't a hat, the tiara was gorgeous).

On a serious note, as all of the news channels focus on William and Kate, I want to take a moment to send prayers to everyone whose life was changed forever by the horrific storms the South faced. Last I heard, the death toll is close to 300, and that doesn't even take into account the families that lost their homes and belongings. Let's not forget those that are mourning and in need on this day. Send them love and prayers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whether you think you can or you think you can't

I was at a networking event this morning (shout out to the Rensselaer County Chamber for a great breakfast) that focused on women leaders in business. This event was inspiring, and it was great to hear how women have overcome a variety of obstacles, or opportunities, to be successful in the world. The quote that was repeated twice was Henry Ford's "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right." Although I have heard this before, it is an important thing to remember.

We put limitations on ourselves daily, focusing on what we can't get to, or what we can't accomplish. I'm a believer that if you don't challenge yourself, and believe you can be successful, you won't be able to move forward and meet your goals. You won't go anywhere standing still. Hmm... can I throw any other cliches in here? It doesn't make them any less true.

Another positive note about these networking events - great shoes. I love seeing the spring shoes that everyone is wearing - I saw lots of great ideas for growing my collection/obsession... I'm have to wait until my snakeskin sandles are delivered before I buy any more though :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I know that not everyone celebrates Easter, but I am sending love, joy, peace, and hope out to everyone on this spring day. The sun even decided to make an appearance on this spectacular day! It's hard not to feel positive on a day like this.

Easter is also traditionally a time to break out (or purchase) the spring clothes (and shoes). I always love seeing the Easter dresses and cute sandals everyone busts out for the day. I did give in and bought sequened flats for the occasion... I'll have to post pictures soon. It was a little too cold for my peep toes when I left at 5:30 this morning (my parents and I helped out at our church's breakfast before 8:30 mass). So, big surprise, it gave me an excuse to expand my shoe collection. I know... I have issues.

As the grass is getting green, flowers are sprouting, and, best of all, the snow is disappearing, it is a time to celebrate life and all of the joy it brings. Take a moment to let all of those close to you know you care. Reach out to a friend you haven't talked to in a long time. Enjoy this time, and it never hurts to get a little dressed up to celebrate.

My nephew just said to me: "today is going to be fun - I am going to eat and play." I hope you all enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain Boots

April showers bring May flowers, right? It's another rainy spring day, which means running quickly from work to my car, my car to the gym, and back to my car, and then into my house. I will melt, you know.

I'll take the rain, though. At least it's not snow, and it does help the grass turn green and the make flowers bloom. For every rainy moment I know there will be a sunny day. Besides that, I don't own a pair of rain boots, so I can look at each rainy day as a chance to buy a new pair of shoes ;-)

Still, it's hard not to be gloomy on a rainy day. It takes extra energy to be, well, energetic. It always surprises me how much the weather plays with my moods. I guess recognizing it is half the battle, and I have to say I managed to say pretty positive today (although it didn't really start raining until later, but oh well). And now, I can use the sound of the rain to help me fall asleep, stay asleep, and dream of sunny days and adorable spring shoes...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peeps, Peepers, and Peep Toes

It is my favorite time of year - springtime! It's that time of year that 50 feels warm (as long as the sun is shining), you can start to open up the sun roof on the car, and walks with the dog get longer and longer. I love this time of year - it's full of such hope and rebirth. You see the flowers popping up where the snow was just a short time ago. It is awesome! There is Easter candy gallore in the stores, including peeps. What is it about those sugar-coated bright marshmallows? It is like they symbolize springtime all by themselves.

The other night I heard peepers (and I scared my friend Alison who was driving the car I was in). For those of you who don't know, peepers are little frogs that you can hear when driving by marshy areas. They peep - it is awesome. It means springtime is here and summer is coming! Yeah!!!

On top of peeps and peepers, this time of year also means digging out the peep-toes. I swore I would never wear this style of shoe, but I now LOVE them, and just bought another pair yesterday. I'm not quite ready for flip flops or all out sandals, but peep-toes work, and it is like turning my clothes into a whole new wardrobe just by pulling out these shoes. The shoes aren't even new, but the combination is refreshing and new.

So head outside and enjoy this sunshine and all the smells of the spring. If you have seasonal allergies (like I do), don't let it hold you back. Grab whatever meds help you deal with them and enjoy the day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grandpa Andy

My aunt came to visit me this weekend, and we got to talking. Well, we got to remembering. It all started with her asking me if I would like a box that had belonged to my grandfather. That led to the stories of how he used to play cards and dice while he was in the service (and I guess he was pretty lucky). I hadn't heard these stories before, although I have a pair of wooden dice I keep in my jewelry box with a few other memontoes from my mom's parents. Now I know why they meant a lot ot him!

My Grandpa Andy was an amazing person. He was a mine sweeper in WWII, but before that he was the handyman at the Camp Fire Girl's camp that my Grandmother was a counselor at. That is where they met and fell in love, and it is right up the road from where my parents still live. The camp is nothing more than a few stone chimneys and the lakes (some of which Grandpa helped build), but it is still there. I personally think it is very cool that my parents still live on the mountain my grandfather and my mother grew up on. There is so much history there.

I obviously didn't know my grandfather way back when - I remember him as the gentle person who always had ginger ale and a game of war ready for me. We spent a lot of time together. I loved to eat kielbasa and baked beans, and he loved to cook them (he also thought I was the smartest child ever since I could "read" the baked beans can - i.e. I knew what it looked like, but I'll take it).

Anyone who had the chance to meet Grandpa Andy has a story about him - whether it is about the Genesee quarts he kept on hand, the juice glasses he drank that beer from, how he would do his rounds after church checking on various friends, or various other acts of kindess. He was known to be a friend to almost anyone, and he saw the good in everyone. He could get riled up as well, but from all of the memories and stories, I hope I portray the same welcomeness and love he did. My brother has named his son after him, and I know he will grow up to be an amazing person, just like his namesake.

We stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house last every Halloween - where my brother, sister and I would split up our candy and trade for the pieces we really wanted. We also went there on Sunday while my parents went bowling, and on New Year's Eve (we even got Grandpa to put a party hat on). There are so many memories made in that house, with both Grandpa Andy and my grandmother. I miss them both tremendously, but they are watching over me ever day, just like my Gram and the other loved ones I have lost. I know I am blessed to have the love and support of an amazing family, and I cherish all the memories I have. A big thank you to my aunt for giving me this chance to walk down memory lane!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Wound Up

I am all sorts of wound up tonight. Maybe the afternoon coffee isn't as good an idea as I thought it was at 3:30. It's midnight, I have work tomorrow, I have a paper I need to write in the next week, and I really should be sleeping right now... But when I close my eyes I start thinking about everything I haven't gotten to yet. I haven't called this person back. I haven't responded to this e-mail. I need to go grocery shopping... and the list continues. So I'm sitting on my couch (wearing my slippers of course), typing away.

What I need to do is start focusing on what I have accomplished lately. I am only one person. I only have so much time and energy (particularly when I can't sleep at night, which makes me tired during the day, vicious cycle, blah blah blah):
  • I did manage to clean the disaster area that was my apartment (hopefully that will last for a while).
  • My group finished one paper a week early and it's submitted.
  • I am more than half way done with the other paper that is due next Monday.
  • I remembered to water my plants today.
  • I finished half of my to do list for the week, which is half over, so that is good.
  • I have been to the gym this week and spent almost twice as long on the elliptical as I usually do.
Ok, now that I have at least made my list of accomplishments I can relax. Everything will get done - it always does. As my good friend has been telling me - Life is Good and This Too Shall Pass. Hopefully that applies to insomnia as well...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flip Flops

I'm so ready for flip flops!!! The funny thing about that statement, is I used to hate flip flops. They don't cover enough of my feet, which I actually really don't like. Feet aren't cute, even with an awesome nail polish on them. That is probably why I love shoes - because they make feet cute :-)

Anyways, I have been converted to a flip flop fan simply due to necessity. There are definitely times in the summer where it is just plain easy to throw on flip flops to run down to the lake, run out for errands, head to the pool, and do just about anything. I'm ready for that season!

Someone I love dearly is the flip flop queen in my mind. She lives where it is a little warmer than here, but they do get some snow. She doesn't let that hold her back - she wears flip flops year round. All of the bridal party wore flip flops in her wedding. She knows who she is, and she should know I'm sending her a big shout out right now!

Bring on the summer, the flip flops, the cute tops hanging idle in my closet, and, yes, even the bathing suit (although hopefully my trips to the gym will have paid off at least some by that point). I can feel the warmth trying to break through - you can do it mother nature!