Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can Shoes Be Cursed?

I think I need to stop wearing a pair of my favorite shoes. They are my beautiful suede rose pumps, but when I choose to wear them, I tend to have really bad days. I have learned bad news, had to share bad news, and had a total breakdown three out of the four times I have worn them in the past month.

My parent's dog did try to chew them up (I caught him before they had any real damage done to them), but now I'm beginning to think I should have let him have them. I get excited when I have an outfit they will work with, and I'm ready to have a great day in them, but it isn't happening...

Not that I'm superstitious, but it may be time to enjoy these shoes on the shelf and not on my feet!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season

It's the holiday season... (and I know you are all singing along with me on that one). Not only are people running around, overly concerned with making sure they get the right presents for people, or that people are buying the right gift for them, but it also seems to be the season of relationship changes. New relationships are starting and old relationships coming to a close or being rekindled. I know, this happens year round, but it seems to be even more poignant this time of year. It is also the time of year to reach out to old friends, whether by a card or a Christmas letter, or an overdue phone call. These real relationships are so much more important than relationsihps with material things (although I stand by the fact that I love my shoes!!!). Make sure you let those you love know they are loved. Even if you are dealing with one of those relationships coming to an end, know you are loved, and there is someone else who may need to hear that from you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree

I just decorated my Christmas tree. I gave in and bought a small artificial tree, which was honestly quite hard for me to do. My whole life we have had live Christmas trees, and I have many fond memories of traipsing through the snow at my grandparents house to find the perfect tree. There was always a ton of snow (not 60 degrees out like it was today), and we had to clomp along behind my father. He made the footprints and we had to try to follow them or we would sink into the snow. Add to that my brother (the trouble maker) throwing snow balls or just pushing me and my sister into the snow - believe me, I was 100% innocent ;-). My dad likes to say that we always ended up picking the tree closest to the house, after wandering around for an hour or so, but what amazing memories. We would then go in and my grandmother had hot cocoa for us.

Once we got the tree home and set up, we would proceed to decorate, and bicker lovingly about whose homemade angel was put on the top. Even to this day, I wonder how the bulb with my brother's name remains almost perfectly intact, while my sister and I have bulbs that are coming apart. But they all still go on the tree, along with the bird for good luck and other memorable ornaments.

Other decorating memories are connected to my Gram (on my father's side). My sister and I always helped her decorate her tree, which was always an adventure in itself. Each decoration had a memory attached to it. I hung many of those decorations on my tree tonight, and it made me remember and smile (and cry a bit). I even have her manager under my tree.

So even though an artificial tree feels like cheating a bit, I have mine up with all of those decorations and memories connected to it. I'm sad remembering those I can't celebrate with this year, but I am also so thankful for the many holidays with them, and I am excited for the new traditions that come each year, thanks to all of the wonderful people who have entered my life.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Being Single

I just finished reading a book that pretty much was about me. I told all of my friends about the parallels, and was slightly freaked out at times. It was "Why I Love Singlehood" by Elisa Lorello and Sarah Girrell - Amazon recommended it to me on my Kindle site. As you may have guessed, the protagonist doesn't really LOVE being single (and neither do I), but she is a single woman in her early 30s who is trying to figure out what she wants (and searches for love) - she even loves shoes! She blogs about her adventures as a single woman, and her dating nightmares (I could also go on and on about those, but no worries, this won't become a blog about the single life, or looking for love, or anything along those lines).

Needless to say, the book struck a chord with me. It isn't often that I find a book that so closely parallels my thoughts and feelings, and I do read a lot. I think what people seem to forget in today's world of couples, servings for 2, and other various paired off aspects of the world, is that not everyone who is single is dying for a relationship, but that doesn't mean they want to be alone either. Sometimes, when you have been on your own, and self sufficient, for a length of time, it just becomes easier to stay that way. It is hard to open up and share your life with others. I know for a fact that I am guilty of that. I tend to shut people out as they get close, and not because I mean to. It is just easier to not depend on anyone else. (Wow, that sounds obnoxious, or just depressing, even to me)

Another thing the character in the book kept saying was that she had to be friends with anyone she dates first. I would typically agree with this, although if I am being totally honest this is another shield I put up. There has been more than one occasion when I have become friends with someone and then decided I didn't want to risk the friendship by showing any romantic interest. It's a fun trap I set up for myself... I guess I know I am searching for my best friend to spend my life with, but I need to be willing to take risks. I know all of that crap, but knowing it an acting on it are two different things. Maybe it's time to try a blind date or two?

So, anyways, I read the book, and was happy that the ending was a happy one, but it wasn't your typical, girl falls deeply in love with the right boy and they live happily ever after. Yes, there was an implication that she ends up with the right guy, and she does take a risk, but none of the saccharin sweet being swept off her feet and love at first sight shit that ends up in so many books. It was real life, which was refreshing.

Don't get me wrong, I finished that book and immediately read a Nora Roberts, saccharin sweet, girl being swept off her feet by the perfect combination of sweet, caring and burly manliness, and the ending was 100% happily ever after. Why did I choose that as my next read? I know these books aren't real, and I don't expect Prince Charming to come and dazzle me, but it is fun to read about.

So now I am working on my own story. I know I need to change some things, and I know when it is right I will be willing to take some risks. In the meantime, you may find I make some other changes (don't be surprised if I dye my hair bright red or buy some new shoes). Maybe I'll write my own book...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's that time of year again - turkey time! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that it is a time to enjoy family, eat, drink, and in general be merry. You don't need to worry about whether or not you have remembered to buy presents for everyone, or if they will like what you got them, or making sure you wrap everything just right, blah blah blah. Thanksgiving doesn't have any of those fun hassles connected to them.

For my whole life, Thanksgiving has meant family time. My grandmother always hosted a large family get together, and the day continued late into the night with fun card games. We actually did our family Thanksgiving last weekend, and even though Gram isn't with us anymore, I am sure she looked down on our celebration and smiled. We laughed a ton, cried some, ate a lot, and in general had a great time. My family brings me strength while challenging me and making sure I stay at my best. Last weekend reminded me of that.

So tomorrow, when we are celebrating a second Thanksgiving with family friends, and my sister and brother are celebrating with their respective in-laws, I will remember how blessed I am. I am truly thankful for my family, as well as for my friends and my support system. I would not be the person I am today without them. I hope all of you have a chance to enjoy, celebrate, and be thankful for all you have tomorrow!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shoes Can Make or Break Your Day

I've had a crazy hectic day... but it ended with drinks and dinner with two amazing women. We talked about life, love, plans, and how unpredictable things are. We also talked about shoes - flats, kit heels, 3 inch heals, suede pumps... things are always better with a beautiful pair of shoes. One of my friends shared the pearl of wisdom that shoes can make or break your day. Sadly, that is so true.

I can't tell you how many times I have bought shoes as therapy. I know it seems silly, but I could be drinking myself into a stupor, running away, or even going to other vices (not that I don't eat emotionally, but I've done better with that as well). I literally left a presentation where the woman was discussing a point in her life that she was trying to fill a void with cosmos, clothes and shoes, and I related to her, at least somewhat (I don't think I have too big of a void to fill). Guess where I went after that presentation - to Marshall's and bought a spectacular pair of rose pumps (although I was shopping for flats).

So I vow this - I will start taking control of things (beyond my shoe collection) to deal with my life and my frustrations. I will find solutions, not just therapy. I will also start accepting help from those who offer it - even if it is just to listen to me explain why I'm feeling sad and offer a shoulder to cry on. I can't assume I'm putting people out by leaning on them - they may actually want to help me. I need to be open to that kind of support otherwise I will stay single and stubborn for the rest of my life. I don't want that to happen - I do want to share my life with my soulmate (whoever and wherever he may be).

So thank you ladies, for helping me make some changes in my attitude. I'm taking control (and wearing my rose pumps while doing just that). Those shoes are going to make my day!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Running Shoes

I'm exhausted! I feel like I have been going non-stop for weeks now. Don't get me wrong - I've been playing as hard as I've been working. Still, I'm tired. Ironically, I finally have a weekend at home to chill and I almost drove three hours to visit family. I know I would have had a good time, but I also know I need to rest so I can be at least somewhat functional this week.

While I have been running around, I have been doing a lot of thinking. All of this running makes for little time to focus on me. Not that I think being selfish is a good thing, but I am always the first to tell people they need to take time to take care of themselves, otherwise they are no good to anyone else. I saw this first hand when I had a total and utter breakdown while leaving my brother's house, and I have no idea why. I trully think it was because I didn't want to get in my car and drive yet again. Why can't all my loved ones live closer?

So here is my vow - I am going to relax and take some time to take care of me. I may even schedule a spa day to relax away my worries. Maybe I'll even find time to go on a date, you never know. In the meantime, thank you to all of my loved ones for dealing with me as I roller coaster through emotions in this hectic time in my life. I promise I'll even out at some point...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Doctors Need to Learn Customer Service

I'll start by apologizing for being long-winded and whiny, but I need to vent. I have been dealing with random hair issues on and off since I was a teenager, and they have flared up over the past year. Since it didn't work itself out, I figured it was time to see a doctor to make sure there weren't any underlying issues. Thinking I needed a referral (which it turns out I didn't, but oh well), I went to my primary care physician. Now I am bad about going to the doctors, and I hadn't had blood work in too many years (and I know the importance of knowing your numbers - I do at least track my blood pressure). It was a big step for me to make the appointment, but I did it.

My doctor did have blood work done and gave me a referral to a dermatologist. He gave me the choice of 2 dermatologists - one would take a few months to get into and the other was a little rough around the edges, but he would be able to treat me sooner and my doctor had faith he would do a good job, so I decided to go with the second doctor.

At this point, I was feeling good about my effort to at least go to the doctor, and I felt optimistic that maybe I would be able to get some help. And then it all went downhill... I told my mom about the dermatologist I was going to, and she groaned and stated she didn't like him when she saw him. Now this should have been a real red flag for me - my mom and I are pretty easy going and have similar tolerance levels for people. Still, I moved forward and had an appointment.

My primary asked me to call him back in 4-5 days for the results of my blood work. Tip #1 for doctors - you should take the initiative to call your patients with this info when you receive it and not expect them to have to call you. Anyways - I called 4 business days later and the receptionist told me the doctor wasn't in - please call back the next day. Again, my number should have been written down and the doctor should have called me, but oh well. At this point I'm still feeling optimistic...

The next day, I call my doctor, and the receptionist asks me to "please hold" and places me on hold - for 12 minutes (without any on hold music, so I had to keep checking that I hadn't accidentally hung up). She then returns and asks why I'm calling - I give her my name and tell her I am calling for blood work results. "OK, please hold for a moment..." 15 minutes later I hang up the phone and try to call her back to give her my number to have the doctor call me when he is available. When she answers she doesn't ask who I am, why I am calling, or any of that - she says "Can you please hold?" and, without waiting for an answer to her question, puts me back on hold - so I hung up again. I again stand by the idea that my number should have been taken and the doctor should have called me back when he was available. What if I had serious symptoms? What if something was wrong? Isn't your doctor supposed to care about you and your time? Isn't his staff supposed to care?

So about 20 minutes later, my mom calls to tell me the doctor just called her with results (which they couldn't give her, because she is not me). Now about a year ago, I dealt with some serious trauma, so I was living at my parents house for a month, but I know they have my cell phone number. If they had asked for it the first 3 times I called, this never would have happened. So, I call them back (again), and my favorite receptionist answers. I explain she called the wrong number, so she says "We should update that" - when I give her my number, she states "Oh, that is the number we have in the computer, I must have gotten the other number from an old chart" (grrrr) "Please hold and I'll get the doctor for you..." (Grrrr again) - 15 minutes of silent on hold, I hang up. The doctor never called me back - I had to call him another day for the results (which were all good, so at least there is happy news there).

I know I'm being long winded, but I'm not done. Now that I know my thyroid is all good and my numbers are good, I am prepared for the dermatologist appointment, still feeling optimistic. I went yesterday, and I was not impressed. The initial office staff was good, but when I got back into the exam room, the doctor entered without knocking, asked a rapid fire set of questions, responded to my answers by talking medical speak to the assistant with him, who was entering it in the computer, told me things I already knew about my hair, and decided I needed monthly cortisone shots in my scalp... Ouch! OK, this is fine - I can handle this. He then told me, again, things I already knew about my hair and proceeded to prick me with needles (at this point, he thought he would start asking about my work and me as a person - too late!) It hurt, and I really disliked him, and I was feeling really disheartened by the whole thing, and I just wanted to cry. He left by saying "see you in 4 weeks" (no "have a nice day" "it was nice meeting you" or even "thanks for coming in, we can help you with this"). I doubt he even remembers me today - he never took any time to get to know who I was beyond my hair issues.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a super emotional person, and I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I know I had visible tears in my eyes, but the assistant in the office just said "exit is to the left." I feel like a more appropriate answer would have been "we can help with this, take a moment to relax and then you can head out to check out. The door is on your left." Basic courtesy is the start of customer service, and, again, doctors and their staff are supposed to care about their patients...

The receptionist didn't acknowledge my level of distraught either - she just made my appointment for 4 weeks later and handed me my receipt (they had taken payment before I even saw the doctor). I then proceeded to walk to my car and cry for most of the 45 minute ride back to work. Needless to say, I am calling to cancel the follow up appointment in four weeks and I will never go back to that office again.

Anyone know of a good doctor and/or dermatologist I could go see?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How do I help?

It's been a wild ride here in upstate NY. The weather has been unpredictable, and people's lives have been changed forever. Hurricane Irene caused flooding, and now we are dealing with rivers and creeks rising again due to the rain we have gotten today. I cannot even fathom what the people are dealing with who have lost their homes, livelihoods, and other possessions that are irreplaceable. How can we help? How can we comfort them? What can we do?

There are a lot of different ways we can help, and the real issue is how do we find what is right for each individual? I'll admit, I am afraid to venture to the flood ravished areas, and I'm not sure how effective I would be volunteering directly there. Maybe that makes me a coward; maybe it makes me a realist; it definitely makes me a person who refuses to go somewhere just to see the damage. The idea that mother nature can have that power, and that people are helpless at this time, is a bit too much for me to handle. Still, I need to do something. I am donating food and other goods where I can. I'm collecting for others to donate for them. Still, we need to band together and help these victims. We need to rebuild like the strong American people we are. I'm sure the people effected will do just that; I just hope they get a break soon to start rebuilding.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am happy to be starting a new week! I could do a run down of something not so good that happened every day last week, Monday - Friday, which left me feeling emotional and raw. It didn't, however, stop me from having a blast this weekend with family and friends. Life truly is about your outlook, and I managed to prove that to myself. Things turn around and get better - you just need to know when to take a break and step back from the craziness that is your day to day life. So, even though I'm feeling better overall about life, here goes a rehashing of some of the events and emotions that were last week for me.

Even when things look grim, family is there to pull you out and save you, whether with a well placed phone call, a hug, or even providing the resources to make something work out. I am blessed to have the family I do to help me through anything that comes up.

I'm worried that my back has been hurting for almost 3 weeks now, and my high heals may be part of the issue. I am going to drag myself to the doctor, though, and let him tell me how to fix it and what not to do. Hopefully the heals are fine :-)

I'm sad I wasn't able to join my friends for a wild ride at the Warrior Dash this weekend, but I had to realize that I can't push myself right now (which actually gets me mad). They did keep me posted with awesome stories, so next year I can take on that challenge.

A round of golf with a friend you haven't seen in years is a great way to relieve stress. It's even better when other friends are able to join you.

A lesson reinforced (because I have learned it many times): Your hair can be your best friend or your worst enemy - make the most out of what you have.

There are some things out of your control - it's OK to feel upset about them, but it isn't OK to dwell on these feelings or let them manifest into a negative outlook. Worry about your loved one who has to have a small procedure done - send some love and prayers their way and trust they will be ok.

Biggest trend from last week for me: Stay positive and keep moving - good things will come your way. And when all else fails, buy yourself some fabulous new shoes (which I have amazingly been able to avoid doing this past week).

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best Laid Plans

We spend so much time planning life - planning our careers, weekend getaways, weekly meal plans, you name it. I am a planner. I like to know when I am supposed to be certain places, what is expected of me, etc. Still, this weekend reminded me how much fun things going against the meticulous plan can be a true blessing in disguise.

The plan - I would head down to the Culinary Institute of America with three friends for a fun filled day of good food and great company. I had looked at the website many times to prepare, and I was excited for the day. The one thing I didn't do (the one thing none of us going on this adventure did) was click on the link that listed the closings for the CIA. We drove almost 2 hours to see a barrier across the entry way and a sign saying they would open up August 3rd. We drove around a bit (until the security guard asked us to leave) and then needed to find a new adventure.

If I had been with other people, with other personalities, this would have been a disaster. It wasn't, though. We stopped at a historical site and a facebook update helped me connect with a friend I hadn't seen in over 10 years who was nearby, and we met up for lunch. We all laughed a lot. After lunch, we did some shopping, found a great Mexican restaurant where they made the guacamole at the table for you, and did some more shopping. It was a great day, and I think I can speak for everyone involved that we had a blast.

Sometimes, planning is overrated!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Self Help Books

As many of you know, Borders is closing. This is very sad for me - I love a good book, and spending some time searching for my next treasure in a bookstore is a favorite activity of mine. I know, I should be supporting local bookstores (which I do), but Borders has been my go-to large bookstore for years, and I'm sad to see it go. (I'm also an avid kindle user, which I also know is one of the things that has made Borders a soon to be thing of the past).

Anyways, where I am going with this is actually a rant about self help books. I decided to hit up my local Borders to check out their deals as they go out of business (I am sad to see them go, but I'm a sucker for a good deal). They have bargain books in front, and one of them was a self help "find your inner and outer beauty" book/manual/guide/faithful companion, etc. And... It was only $3.99 (plus 10% off that!!!)

So I bought the book. On the way home, though, I started thinking about all the money I have spent on books to better myself, even though I have to say I really like who I am. I'm know there are things I would like to change - I could lose a few pounds, I could drink less caffeine, I could learn to be a little less stubborn and independent, blah blah blah. The key is, I know what I would like to change, and I also know how to change these things through determination, but I'm overall happy with my life and who I am, so I don't bother. So why do I keep buying books that have quick fixes in them (that never work)? Maybe that is what I need to change about myself - stop spending money on self help books!

I may read through this book, or I may add it to the pile on my coffee table (right on top of a weight loss book for busy professionals I bought at Marshall's for $3.99) and forget about it until I make room for it on my book case. I'll let you know how I make out.

In the meantime, I was able to resist a 2012 calendar full of pictures of shoes (it wasn't a great deal), so if anyone wants to pick that up for me feel free.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parking Lot Madness

I went to the ballet last night (which was amazing by the way - if you get a chance to see Jewels go). The company was great, the dancing was breathtaking, and once it stopped raining the night was gorgeous (if a little chilly and buggy). Overall, successful evening. Until I got in my car to leave...

People tend to complain about "younger drivers" being overly aggressive, not knowing how to drive, and so forth. Well, the majority of the drivers in the parking lot were not "younger" (not that they were old), and they did not know basic concert parking lot etiquette (let one car out, go a ways, and possibly let another car come out, and so forth). If everyone is courteous and calm, the cars will easily get out with minimal waiting. This did not happen last night. There were cars right on other car's bumpers, and no one wanted to let others out. There were cars trying to back out of spots. It was overall a mess.

So, although the "younger drivers" may have some bad habits - we can learn from their concert parking lot exit etiquette.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Gifts

It's my birthday month! Birthdays are an awesome time to celebrate everything that is exciting about life, and I find there is more and more to be thankful for each year. Yes, there are things I would like to change about my life, and things I wish I had already done, but I am genuinely happy with where I am in life, and I'm excited for what the next year will bring. So I'm not going to let any regrets or thoughts about what I have yet to do get me down at all.

Besides, how can you be at all down when your favorite stores are sending you amazing gift certificates to entice you in (where you will spend more than the certificate is for, but you have the joy of shopping). I received my Starbucks drink card in the mail today - that is definitely a favorite of mine. All of the love coming my way from people who don't even know me - it rocks!

So I bought myself my first birthday present today - which was (of course) shoes. They are adorable and comfortable, and I can't wait to wear them to my friend's wedding this Friday. Life is good and I am thankful for so much. What do you think about my new shoes?

Friday, July 8, 2011


I am the type of person who reads multiple horoscopes until I find the one I like, and I assume that one is right, so I prepare for what it says my day will bring. Obviously, I don't put too much faith in these predictions, but I do find them fun (and one horoscope last week told me to buy shoes, so that is definitely my favorite to date). I have to admit, though, there are some times that the horoscope I find strikes me - whether helping me feel better about something or clearing things up for me.

Today is one of those days that my horoscope rang true for me. Yesterday, I thought of someone I haven't talked to in almost 10 years. It is someone from when I first started my career. She was a strong influence for me, but we parted ways and I haven't talked to her in a long time. I know that a portion of the parting, possibly most of it, was because of me. I am sorry that I didn't try harder to keep her in my life, and I hope she is doing well. I was missing her yesterday, but I have no way of getting in touch with her, and I don't even know if she would be interested in talking to me now.

So today, I read my horoscope, and it stated "Going back in time and undoing (or redoing) something you did would be nice, but it's just not possible." Although this is a little negative for an eternal optimist like me, it makes sense. I can't change what happened in the past, but I can send some happy thoughts to my friend, wish her well in my mind, and enjoy (and hold on to) my current friends. I can't change my actions in the past, but I can learn from them and be a better person moving forward.

Friday, July 1, 2011

8 Inch Heals???

My friend sent me a link to a Today Show section on super high 8 inch heals (check them out below). Now how can a blogger who is obsessed with shoes not write about these spectacular, if 100% impractical, shoes. They are very pretty (although a little awkward and I wouldn't even want to put my feet in them). Still, I wish they came in a pale pink color. The shoes were auctioned off to benefit the English National Ballet. I don't know who bought them, how much they went for, or if they will ever be worn, but it doesn't matter - they are a work of art.

The ballet connection is obvious, and it makes me wish I had learned how to dance, although I am not the most graceful person in the world. I am sure I wouldn't be able to wear them, but they would look great on display at my home. Some day...

In the meantime, I'll have to settle with the picture. Enjoy (and be careful when you wear your heals, particularly if they are 8 inches high!)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

End of an Era!

Yesterday was my last official class as an MBA student. That symbolic graduation I wrote about a few weeks ago is not so symbolic anymore. Sure, I still have to finish my thesis (which I am currently avoiding a bit - I'll work on it once I am done with this post), but the physical classes are now over. It's strange, and it is a little sad as well. I truly love my classmates, and we have had a crazy 22 months together. Lots of ups, a few downs, a ton of laughs, and even a trip across the world (we all went to China together). I truly have another family because of this program, and I am so grateful for that.

All day yesterday I kept think things like "I'm really going to miss those comments from our own personal peanut gallery", or "There's our class philosopher again, I'm going to miss his outlook on life." I know I will see all of these people again, but that doesn't mean I will not miss them all terribly. We have been stuck in a room for hours at a time every other weekend since September 2009. Sure, the future outings may be a bit more fun than listening to a lecture, but it will still be weird not going back in two weeks.

As we finished our day with champagne and cake, a bunch of the classmates/family members took some time to share some thoughts and memories, and lots of tears were shed. I didn't trust myself to say anything, because I was on the edge of balling like a baby, but I hope they all know that I know our bond will continue, and I feel lucky that I was welcomed into this group of amazing individuals and professionals. We came from very different walks of life and that only added to the experience that was my MBA program.

To the Weekend MBA Class of 2011 - I love you all!

Monday, June 20, 2011

How Hard Is It To Pick Up After Yourself?

I am recuperating after a phenomenal weekend. I grabbed two of my favorite people and went to see Kenny Chesney (as well as the Zac Brown Band, Billy Currington & Uncle Kracker). It was a great day! We showed up early to enjoy some food and beverages while doing lots of great people watching. The parking lots were full of people enjoying some gorgeous weather and having a good time. Overall, I didn't think anyone got out of control. People were drinking and having a good time, but I didn't see any fights or people being belligerent. Drunkeness, yes, but belligerence, no.

The show itself was awesome. Even if you aren't a country fan, this is a group of entertainers who put on a great show, particularly Kenny and Zac Brown. I would recommend it to anyone, and I loved loved loved it!

Then it was sadly over, and we headed back to the car. That was when the disappointment set in. I wasn't disappointed the show was over - I had time to mentally prepare for that. I was disappointed in what people had done to the parking lots. I knew there would be some trash left around, but the broken bottles, coolers discarded, even a battered canopy that looked like people had just battered for the fun of it, made me sad. Why do we have to be slobs? Why do we expect people to pick up after us? How hard is it to pick up your trash and put it into a bag? Even if you don't carry it out with you, at least leave it off to the side where it isn't in the way of everyone else. It feels like people feel they should be waited on, and that drives me nuts. We only have one world, and we have to take care of it. Pick up your trash - think of everyone else who has to drive over or walk over your broken bottle and don't break it. It really isn't that hard! Grrr... makes me annoyed, sad, and disappointed all at once!

Still, the concert rocked, and at least I have that to remember!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soles4Souls - check this out

Hello friends! Sorry it has been a while since I wrote an entry, but life has been crazy. Still, it is important to take a moment and fulfill the commitment I set to share my thoughts on shoes with all of my internet friends and followers.

Today, though, I am taking a moment to share a great charity with you. My cousins introduced me to this cause, and being a shoe lover it struck me as such a worthy cause. As I look at my over-abundance of shoes, it is easy to forget those who do not have shoes. I take them for granted, and many people of many ages go through the day in worn out shoes, if any at all. This organization distributes a pair of shoes to wone of these people every 7 seconds. That is just amazing!

We can all help by donating our gently used shoes (the website has donation locations, although I am thinking of starting a donation myself to send to them), or you can donate money. Stop and think about how important shoes are in your life (even if you don't love them like I do), and then think about those who go without.

Here is their website -

Monday, June 6, 2011

My experiment - thwarted before it even started

I have been living in my apartment for a year now, and so my intro offer with my cable company was coming to an end. I got the first big bill, and I decided that this was a silly expense I could cut out. I spent all day convincing myself that I could go without cable, at least through the summer, and I could switch to an online service, such as hulu. I then looked into Verizon, but fios isn't available for me now and satellite isn't really an option. So I talked myself into doing an experiment and trying to go TV-less.

You have to understand, my TVs are the old big TVs, so without cable, I need to buy a converter box. So if I am going without cable, I'm essentially going without TV. Can I do it?

I'm not going to find out. I'm a sucker - when I called to cancel I was offered a great deal/offer that lowered my bill to below where it was for the first year and I took it. So this summer will not be one lacking TV. In fact, I'm debating if I should order HBO... TrueBlood does start soon. I know, I'm weak.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Many of us are off work today, and it is turning out to be a gorgeous day here in NY. Will the day bring a cookout, golf, cold beer, a lot of doing nothing? Whatever you decide to do on this day, take a moment to remember what this holiday is for. Take a moment to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, as well as to remember and support their loved ones. It doesn't matter how you feel about war, or your political beliefs, stop and remember what these patriots have done for our country. I'm proud to be an American, and I am proud of the men and women who allow us to have all the freedoms that entails, particularly those who have lost their lives fighting for this freedom. How will you choose to remember them today?

Friday, May 27, 2011

What I've Learned This Week

Things I have learned this week:
  1. Even if the power goes out (causing a blinking alarm clock), your internal clock will wake you up in time
  2. Do not adjust a tension shower rod while in the shower - the water does not help you adjust the rod
  3. Buying a graphing calculator from Walmart is harder than it should be
  4. Avoid going to Walmart at 4 - there is a shift change/break time at this time, so if you need any help, it will be hard to find
  5. If your GPS cannot find a place you are heading to - get specific directions from someone who knows where you are going
  6. A purple table cloth makes a great rain coat in a pinch (or when it is pouring and you are are wearing 4 inch heals so running to your car isn't an option)
  7. Friends always make what could be stressful something to laugh about (ok, I already knew that one, but it is important to remember)
  8. Children always know when you need to laugh
  9. There is nothing a dinner with great friends can't help
  10. Taking the long way home (such as a ride down 9N from Lake George to Corinth) will bring back lots of good memories
  11. It is ok to take a day off from the gym if you wake up with a sore knee - even though the machines may be low impact, your knee will hurt more when you are done and it is never a good idea to limp out of the gym
  12. Reading a good book isn't a good way to go to sleep - when it really grabs you, you will stay up late to find out what happens
Ok, so 7-12 are all things I already knew, but they were also all reinforced this week. It has been a good week. Sure, there were some bumps (1-7 all happened on Monday alone), I'm still laughing. I had a friend mention I looked happy in recent pictures and, you know what, I really am. There are things I am still looking for, but I can't complain about my life. Especially not when I have great friends and family to keep me laughing.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World?

There are quite a few people who truly believe the beginning of the end of the world will happen tonight. They have looked into a variety of biblical stories and have determined that major earth quakes will start tonight - the rapture begins. I'm not going to dicount what they're saying, or try to say they are wrong - everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want. Hopefully, panic is not running rampant in any families.

So what is the positive that can be found from this (since I don't think panic is a positive). If this belief, and the media coverage around it, makes even one person take a moment to tell someone they love them, or call that long lost friend to catch up, then some good has come from it. Whether or not the world is coming to an end, it is important to reach out to the important people in your life. Make sure they know how much they mean to you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Graduated - Sort of...

Sorry I've been out of touch - things have been super busy! But I'm back... with a picture of some special shoes. These shoes are the shoes I wore when I walked across the stage at my MBA graduation this past weekend.

It was a great ceremony, and we had a blast. It is ironic, then, that I am currently avoiding homework and have classes until the end of June. It was 100% symbolic - they let us participate in the graduation so we could celebrate with our families and friends.

I'll take it, though. Last weekend was awesome. It reminded me how much the people I have been taking classes with mean to me, and it reminded me how many people support me through my life. I love my amazing friends and family!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Spider War Has Begun

It seems as though my favorite topic lately has been the gorgeous spring weather, and how great it is to feel the spring sunshine, which all continues to hold true. I love this time of year. What I don't love are the critters that are showing up various places. Particularly spiders - I am deathly afraid of spiders and they seem to be popping up everywhere.

I know it is totally irrational, but I see a spider and I freeze. I have to talk myself through the process of killing it. Ok, move your feet to step on it. No shoes - ok, move your feet to get a shoe to kill it with (yet another reason I love shoes). Or, go get the can of Raid and coat it with that. No raid, you can try hair spray, but it doesn't kill them right away. Wow, I'm sounding cruel! I have my reasons, though.

The other day, I was taking a shower, and I looked up to see a spider glaring at me from the corner of my bathroom (way up on the ceiling). I know he was plotting a way to fall onto me and cause my demise... Needless to say, I took the quickest shower ever, and then I got my trusty shoe, climbed on the tub, and crushed him. Only to go out into my hall where I saw two more spiders, also hiding in the corner of the ceiling. Sadly, I could only reach one of them, so the second is still creeping around my apartment somewhere.

So, along with the happy positive thoughts spring brings, I need to accept the critters that come with it as well. Easier said than done when I'm being stalked by an eight legged monster!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Does anyone know what shoes Kate wore?

The dress was gorgeous, the bride and groom were beaming, the guests looked amazing, the hats were spectacular, and England has a new princess. I swore I wasn't going to get sucked in, but I have to admit I woke up this morning and watched the recap, and then went online to catch the pictures, and even waited to get into the shower until after the kiss (X2). It was an exciting and joyous occasion (and I wonder if Catherine Middleton truly knew what she was getting into).

I did see some amazing shoes on the guests, but with that amazing train on that amazing dress, we have no way of knowing what shoes she wore. I'm curious... maybe we will see some gorgeous shoes with the reception outfits - keep your eyes peeled. At least we had the hats to look at - I guess accessories will have to do (and even though it isn't a hat, the tiara was gorgeous).

On a serious note, as all of the news channels focus on William and Kate, I want to take a moment to send prayers to everyone whose life was changed forever by the horrific storms the South faced. Last I heard, the death toll is close to 300, and that doesn't even take into account the families that lost their homes and belongings. Let's not forget those that are mourning and in need on this day. Send them love and prayers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whether you think you can or you think you can't

I was at a networking event this morning (shout out to the Rensselaer County Chamber for a great breakfast) that focused on women leaders in business. This event was inspiring, and it was great to hear how women have overcome a variety of obstacles, or opportunities, to be successful in the world. The quote that was repeated twice was Henry Ford's "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right." Although I have heard this before, it is an important thing to remember.

We put limitations on ourselves daily, focusing on what we can't get to, or what we can't accomplish. I'm a believer that if you don't challenge yourself, and believe you can be successful, you won't be able to move forward and meet your goals. You won't go anywhere standing still. Hmm... can I throw any other cliches in here? It doesn't make them any less true.

Another positive note about these networking events - great shoes. I love seeing the spring shoes that everyone is wearing - I saw lots of great ideas for growing my collection/obsession... I'm have to wait until my snakeskin sandles are delivered before I buy any more though :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I know that not everyone celebrates Easter, but I am sending love, joy, peace, and hope out to everyone on this spring day. The sun even decided to make an appearance on this spectacular day! It's hard not to feel positive on a day like this.

Easter is also traditionally a time to break out (or purchase) the spring clothes (and shoes). I always love seeing the Easter dresses and cute sandals everyone busts out for the day. I did give in and bought sequened flats for the occasion... I'll have to post pictures soon. It was a little too cold for my peep toes when I left at 5:30 this morning (my parents and I helped out at our church's breakfast before 8:30 mass). So, big surprise, it gave me an excuse to expand my shoe collection. I know... I have issues.

As the grass is getting green, flowers are sprouting, and, best of all, the snow is disappearing, it is a time to celebrate life and all of the joy it brings. Take a moment to let all of those close to you know you care. Reach out to a friend you haven't talked to in a long time. Enjoy this time, and it never hurts to get a little dressed up to celebrate.

My nephew just said to me: "today is going to be fun - I am going to eat and play." I hope you all enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain Boots

April showers bring May flowers, right? It's another rainy spring day, which means running quickly from work to my car, my car to the gym, and back to my car, and then into my house. I will melt, you know.

I'll take the rain, though. At least it's not snow, and it does help the grass turn green and the make flowers bloom. For every rainy moment I know there will be a sunny day. Besides that, I don't own a pair of rain boots, so I can look at each rainy day as a chance to buy a new pair of shoes ;-)

Still, it's hard not to be gloomy on a rainy day. It takes extra energy to be, well, energetic. It always surprises me how much the weather plays with my moods. I guess recognizing it is half the battle, and I have to say I managed to say pretty positive today (although it didn't really start raining until later, but oh well). And now, I can use the sound of the rain to help me fall asleep, stay asleep, and dream of sunny days and adorable spring shoes...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peeps, Peepers, and Peep Toes

It is my favorite time of year - springtime! It's that time of year that 50 feels warm (as long as the sun is shining), you can start to open up the sun roof on the car, and walks with the dog get longer and longer. I love this time of year - it's full of such hope and rebirth. You see the flowers popping up where the snow was just a short time ago. It is awesome! There is Easter candy gallore in the stores, including peeps. What is it about those sugar-coated bright marshmallows? It is like they symbolize springtime all by themselves.

The other night I heard peepers (and I scared my friend Alison who was driving the car I was in). For those of you who don't know, peepers are little frogs that you can hear when driving by marshy areas. They peep - it is awesome. It means springtime is here and summer is coming! Yeah!!!

On top of peeps and peepers, this time of year also means digging out the peep-toes. I swore I would never wear this style of shoe, but I now LOVE them, and just bought another pair yesterday. I'm not quite ready for flip flops or all out sandals, but peep-toes work, and it is like turning my clothes into a whole new wardrobe just by pulling out these shoes. The shoes aren't even new, but the combination is refreshing and new.

So head outside and enjoy this sunshine and all the smells of the spring. If you have seasonal allergies (like I do), don't let it hold you back. Grab whatever meds help you deal with them and enjoy the day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grandpa Andy

My aunt came to visit me this weekend, and we got to talking. Well, we got to remembering. It all started with her asking me if I would like a box that had belonged to my grandfather. That led to the stories of how he used to play cards and dice while he was in the service (and I guess he was pretty lucky). I hadn't heard these stories before, although I have a pair of wooden dice I keep in my jewelry box with a few other memontoes from my mom's parents. Now I know why they meant a lot ot him!

My Grandpa Andy was an amazing person. He was a mine sweeper in WWII, but before that he was the handyman at the Camp Fire Girl's camp that my Grandmother was a counselor at. That is where they met and fell in love, and it is right up the road from where my parents still live. The camp is nothing more than a few stone chimneys and the lakes (some of which Grandpa helped build), but it is still there. I personally think it is very cool that my parents still live on the mountain my grandfather and my mother grew up on. There is so much history there.

I obviously didn't know my grandfather way back when - I remember him as the gentle person who always had ginger ale and a game of war ready for me. We spent a lot of time together. I loved to eat kielbasa and baked beans, and he loved to cook them (he also thought I was the smartest child ever since I could "read" the baked beans can - i.e. I knew what it looked like, but I'll take it).

Anyone who had the chance to meet Grandpa Andy has a story about him - whether it is about the Genesee quarts he kept on hand, the juice glasses he drank that beer from, how he would do his rounds after church checking on various friends, or various other acts of kindess. He was known to be a friend to almost anyone, and he saw the good in everyone. He could get riled up as well, but from all of the memories and stories, I hope I portray the same welcomeness and love he did. My brother has named his son after him, and I know he will grow up to be an amazing person, just like his namesake.

We stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house last every Halloween - where my brother, sister and I would split up our candy and trade for the pieces we really wanted. We also went there on Sunday while my parents went bowling, and on New Year's Eve (we even got Grandpa to put a party hat on). There are so many memories made in that house, with both Grandpa Andy and my grandmother. I miss them both tremendously, but they are watching over me ever day, just like my Gram and the other loved ones I have lost. I know I am blessed to have the love and support of an amazing family, and I cherish all the memories I have. A big thank you to my aunt for giving me this chance to walk down memory lane!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Wound Up

I am all sorts of wound up tonight. Maybe the afternoon coffee isn't as good an idea as I thought it was at 3:30. It's midnight, I have work tomorrow, I have a paper I need to write in the next week, and I really should be sleeping right now... But when I close my eyes I start thinking about everything I haven't gotten to yet. I haven't called this person back. I haven't responded to this e-mail. I need to go grocery shopping... and the list continues. So I'm sitting on my couch (wearing my slippers of course), typing away.

What I need to do is start focusing on what I have accomplished lately. I am only one person. I only have so much time and energy (particularly when I can't sleep at night, which makes me tired during the day, vicious cycle, blah blah blah):
  • I did manage to clean the disaster area that was my apartment (hopefully that will last for a while).
  • My group finished one paper a week early and it's submitted.
  • I am more than half way done with the other paper that is due next Monday.
  • I remembered to water my plants today.
  • I finished half of my to do list for the week, which is half over, so that is good.
  • I have been to the gym this week and spent almost twice as long on the elliptical as I usually do.
Ok, now that I have at least made my list of accomplishments I can relax. Everything will get done - it always does. As my good friend has been telling me - Life is Good and This Too Shall Pass. Hopefully that applies to insomnia as well...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flip Flops

I'm so ready for flip flops!!! The funny thing about that statement, is I used to hate flip flops. They don't cover enough of my feet, which I actually really don't like. Feet aren't cute, even with an awesome nail polish on them. That is probably why I love shoes - because they make feet cute :-)

Anyways, I have been converted to a flip flop fan simply due to necessity. There are definitely times in the summer where it is just plain easy to throw on flip flops to run down to the lake, run out for errands, head to the pool, and do just about anything. I'm ready for that season!

Someone I love dearly is the flip flop queen in my mind. She lives where it is a little warmer than here, but they do get some snow. She doesn't let that hold her back - she wears flip flops year round. All of the bridal party wore flip flops in her wedding. She knows who she is, and she should know I'm sending her a big shout out right now!

Bring on the summer, the flip flops, the cute tops hanging idle in my closet, and, yes, even the bathing suit (although hopefully my trips to the gym will have paid off at least some by that point). I can feel the warmth trying to break through - you can do it mother nature!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grumpiness Can Be Solved By Blue Shoes

I’ll admit it, there have been times when I’ve been ridiculously grumpy the past two days. I have been overreacting about silly little things, simply because life has been hectic (not even bad, just hectic). Between work and school, I am finding little down time (I know, I know, I signed up for it, and it will all work out in the end, and I’ll be a better person when it’s all over, blah blah blah). The sad thing is, I know I actually have it easier than a lot of other people, and I know I am being selfish and overreacting. Still, I’ve been grumpy.

I don’t think I’ve been grumpy to everyone – only my close friends and family. That isn’t fair to them, but it seems like by the time I get around to catching up with them I am done trying to act chipper. (I guess by putting this in a blog post I am whining to everyone, so my whining has now become equal opportunity). Anyways, I need to say thank you to everyone who has listened to my griping the past few days. I woke up to an e-mail from one of those friends basically cheering me on, and it really made me realize that things could be so much worse and everything will work out in the end.

So this morning, when I got dressed for work, I put on my blue shoes and smiled. Positive thinking will help me persevere (and it feels so much better to be positive) and my blue shoes do make me smile and feel positive. So no more whining… even to my best friends. When I’m griping, tell me to shove it (and then tell me to look at my awesome shoes and smile). Life is good and this too shall pass!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change Is Good

Today was my last day working at the office I've occupied for the past two years. I'm just going a down the road - same company, same role, different office. I'm excited about the opportunities and changes that come with this move, but I am also sad to be leaving the amazing people at my current (past) office. I keep telling them that I will only be a few miles down the road. I'll be back to visit. We'll do dinner. I'll fill in whenever I can. And I mean every word of it.

I can't pretend that this move won't bring change with it, and not just geography. I know I will miss my current co-workers, even though I will still talk to all of them regularly (and they are still my co-workers - I just can't go to their office and tell them every aspect of my life, which I know they just love). It will be different not having lunch at the little round table, people-watching out my window, and running out for coffee. I know I will love working at my new home, because I know the people I will be eating lunch and drinking coffee with now. Still, it will be, well, different.

Change is always uncomfortable and scary. It is also exciting, though, and I'm focusing on that aspect. I just hope that all of my friends and co-workers know how much they mean to me, and they stay in touch with me and continue to give me a hard time and challenge me every day. I love my job and I love who I work with. What adventures will this new placement offer? Only time will tell - and then I'll take my great friends out for a drink to share... because I'm a sharer (as you can probably tell). Change is good :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011


Do you know what you were doing 7 months ago today? Was it a memorable day for you? I was in Virginia, celebrating my cousin’s wedding. It was also when I took a tumble down a large staircase, and ended up breaking my clavicle as well as my C1. Yup, I managed to break my neck. I’m lucky, though, and other than 4 weeks in a neck brace and sleeping in a recliner, I went back to work and kept right on trucking. I think my sister has had more long term effects (she is the one who found me, and she is the one who still calls me to check in and tell me how happy she is that I am ok).

Last week I had what I was hoping was my last appointment with the bone and joint doctor (who is awesome by the way), and after having what I had hoped was my last x-ray for a while, I found out my clavicle still has a crack in it. So I’m not totally healed yet. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy about this. Come on – it’s been 7 months and I have been taking my vitamins, drinking my milk, eating my yogurt, and taking it easy with that arm. Still, my clavicle is not whole yet!

So, when I got in my car I did what I do when I am upset – I called my mom. And my mom of course made me feel better. She simply reminded me to keep everything in perspective. If a sore clavicle and another appointment at the bone and joint center is all I have left from a major fall down a staircase I’m lucky. I have family and friends who took care of me, kept me laughing, and overall showed me how truly blessed I am. I went out to dinner, stopped by work, and even played darts all trussed up, and everyone made me feel normal without staring (at least not too long).

With that said, I guess I am living proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I don’t know if I would say I’m better because of the fall, but I would say that I am more self aware, and I love every day. I can whine a bit about aches and pains, and I can feel a bit self-conscious about the bump I will always have on my left clavicle, but overall I am happy. I am just going to keep on moving, finding joy in everyday things, and finding the extraordinary around me every day. Not too shabby!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Red Friday

I received an event invite on facebook to attend "Red Friday." This is a day to wear red to show support for our troops. The invite came along with a touching story about troops walking through an airport. Not surprisingly, this story brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully, that story was a true account of something that happened. Even if it wasn't, there are accounts like this one every day. Stories of our heroes coming home, and those around them recognizing them for their sacrifice for our country.

Now I'm not going to start a post that is anti-war, anti-military, or anti- anything. I frankly don't care if you are against or for war, and I'm not going to tell you my thoughts on war, current wars or past wars. I just believe that our troops are the ones who make it possible for me to write this post. They are the ones who allow me to go about my business and do what I want on a daily basis. Without our military heroes, we would be forced to act a certain way, do certain things, and obey others without question. Again, I don't care about your thoughts on war; I just believe that our veterans and our current war heroes deserve respect and support.

Their job is harder than almost any other job in the world. They have to make choices I cannot even fathom. I appreciate all of our military heroes, and I respect them for what they do every day. If wearing red on Fridays will help show them this, than I will wear red on Fridays (particularly my red shoes). Who's with me?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

Thursday is St. Patrick's Day (in case you have been living under a rock). I love St. Patrick's Day, and pretty much anything and everything Irish. The music, the accent, the beer, even the soda bread all makes me smile. My hair is strawberry blond (at least I'm convinced it is really strawberry blond - it's been a while since I saw my true hair color without a layer of hair dye on it), and my skin tone is the definition of pale. These traits, along with my love of all things Irish, makes many people think I'm Irish. My dirty little secret - there isn't a drop of Irish blood in me. It is a choice I make to celebrate all things Irish.

Last winter, I decided to take myself to Dublin for a long weekend. What a blast! My aunt with me, and we had a great time. Ironically, the green hills we expected to see were snow covered, and the few inches of snow they got almost shut down the city. That couldn't damper my excitement though. I must say, the Irish people were so helpful and accomodating, even though the snow shut down many of our modes of transportation. My only complaint is that I wasn't able to stay long enough, and I wasn't able to see quite enough of Ireland. That is why I am going back... I just need to figure out when

In the meantime, I'm trusting you with my deep, dark secret - I'm German and Polish; don't tell anyone, ok?

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thoughts For Japan

I have started more than one entry since Friday morning, when I woke up to the sad and shocking news about Japan. I cannot even express the shock that event gave me; my thoughts and prayers go out to all who need them at this trying time. It is times like this that we must remember we are all part of one large human race, and we can help those in need. Not just those in Japan, but those who are struck by more personal health tragedies, or anything traumatic as well. All of these people need to know they are loved and supported. We look at image after image of the damage and destruction, but it is important to remember the people who are suffering and living through these events. They haven't had a chance to think about rebuilding yet, and they continue to face threats to their well-being. Their lives will never be the same. We may be far away, but there has to be ways to help. Donate money? Collect supplies? Provide services? Whatever it is we can do, we should do it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is Ash Wednesday - the first day of Lent. I have given up buying shoes (and eating candy and desserts). Don't worry, I'm not going to start discussing religion now... This tradition has me thinking, though. In this world of wants and excess, it never hurts to force some sacrifice on yourself.

Facebook was full of people discussing what they are giving up from now until Easter; people on the radio were discussing this; I told everyone at work what I am giving up. (I'm going to do my best not to be crabby about it) I would like to think I'm giving something up for the sacrifice, but I have to be honest, I spent time thinking about what would benefit me most. It is a selfish sacrifice. Giving up sweets will hopefully help me lose a few pounds (fingers crossed). That doesn't mean it won't be hard, though. And I guess the difficulty is what really matters. I refuse to feel guilty. I'm lucky that I'm in the position that giving up sweets is even a possibility; there are people who can't eat sweets due to alergies and those can't afford desserts. I'll say it again - I'm blessed to have the life I have, full of friends, family and support, and lacking wants.

My real sacrifice is the shoes - especially when I have websites sending me e-mails with great deals. Just think, come Easter I can get a spectacular pair of shoes to celebrate :-) (and my bank account will be happier)

Friday, March 4, 2011


Everything in life comes down to perspective. Every choice we make, every opportunity we grab on to, even every risk we take has an effect of who we are, but we also can't take ourselves too seriously. An interesting conversation with friends reminded me of this today.

We can strive to make more money - but when we make the money, will it be enough? At times I feel like I'm running, and everyone around me is running as well, but where are we going? Frankly, this is tiring. Still, I'm striving for my goals, and I will continue to work hard and do the best I can to be the best that I can. It's important, however, to remember that we are specks in the universe, and our time on Earth is minimal compared to Earth's history (my niece's Dinosaur Encyclopedia reminded me all about that fact).

So the question is, what are we going to do with the time we have on Earth? Keep on running? Or stop and smell the flowers (even if it is a cliche)? Even better - stop to help someone else, or stop to make a difference in someone's life? I hope I'm making a difference in someone's life.

Before I was reminded about perspective, I allowed someone to get under my skin and really bother me. Perspective - this person is trying to do their part and I need to support them in any way possible. It isn't personal. Hopefully I can continue to remember this...

So my parting thought - remember to keep everything in perspective and make the most of each day. Help out others and enjoy each opportunity. Don't be afraid of risks - you can't move forward if you are afraid of the uncertain.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebration Food

What is it about baking that is calming? Why do I always feel better with the yummy smells wafting about the house? I love to find an excuse to bake. Right now, I have a cake in the oven to celebrate a friend's birthday tomorrow. It's a new recipe for rum cake, but it does smell good. Fingers crossed it tastes as good as it smells.

A lot of people and cultures use food for comfort, traditions, and to show love and joy. It is so much more than nutrition (even if most of those "feel good" foods aren't exactly good for you." I'm definitely not complaining; just stating a fact. Maybe some day I will end up opening my bakery - "Little Slices of Heaven." Any investors want to back me? I will do my best to make sure some of the baked goods are at least half way healthy.

Those who don't have a lot of food find ways to use it for more than sustenance. It makes a simple donation of food to a food bank or shelter that much more meaningful. Could that item be part of a child's birthday dinner? Maybe it will be part of a Sunday dinner with Grandma. It truly makes you reflect on the food we sometimes take for granted and be grateful for what we have - comfort food, birthday dinner, rum cake, or basic nutrition.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise at Work

It was a good day today! Busy, but good. When I was returning to the office after my Tuesday outing, I decided to stop by the mailbox, and my shoes (my gorgeous, turquoise, "trophy wife" suede heals) were waiting for me. Yes, I had them mailed to the office. And yes, I bought a pair of shoes called trophy wife heals, and I'm not even close to being married. Soon...

So I posted a picture of the shoes on facebook, and they spawned quite a few comments. Last week I had posted a picture of a similar pair of shoes I was thinking of buying (but these are better). I particularly like the male perspective on the pictures. "Why do you need more shoes?" "Where are you going to wear them?" "Don't you already have a pair of shoes?"

Here is my advice to those men - we don't buy heals to impress you or anyone else; we buy them for us. We don't walk around in what can easily turn into tiny torture devices (if forced to stand for any amount of time, particularly on concrete or other hard services) to impress men. We do all this for us. It is fun finding attractive, unique shoes that are also stylish. At least for me, colorful shoes are a way to express myself. I dress fairly conservatively, but I rock an amazing pair of shoes. It is my way of being me. And I do have plain, black and brown shoes (some are even flats), but they aren't as much fun to talk about as these fun ones. They are practical for my practical days, and someday I will have to talk about them. Today is not that day, though. Today is a day of happy surprises in the mail (and the bonus - I was wearing an outfit that I could wear the shoes with, so I put them on for the end of the day).

Enjoy your evening - and may there be a surprise in the mail for you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Weekend

It's the weekend!!! After a short delay, I'm about to head out for a weekend/night away at my brother's. It's rare that I find myself up before the sun, but I'm excited (and my ride wants to leave early), so here I am, bright and skippy - coffee in hand. Yet another stretch of bad weather came yesterday, otherwise I would already be at my destination (and probably still sleeping). The joys of February weather.

I'm excited to be spending this weekend with amazing people and celebrating the baptism of the newest member of our family. We will have a blast! Lots of hugs and kisses to go around, I am sure, as well as lots of fun and playtime with a rambunctious 4 year old.

It was while I was packing that I had the thought (again) of "when did I become that girl?" By "that girl", I mean the one who has to bring multiple pairs of shoes for an overnight trip. I have 3 pairs of shoes in my bag - which means a total of 4 pairs are coming with me since I have to be wearing a pair. I must be prepared for any weather, and therefore I must have multiple shoes (yes, I just turned my shoe obsession into a survival tactic). I have my high dress boots that can be worn with the dress I'm wearing tomorrow in case it is super cold; a pair of black heals in case I feel like the boots aren't dressy enough; sneakers in case I decide to make time to do a workout; winter boots (which I will be wearing out there) because I understand there is still snow on the ground so they are a must (and I may be dragged outside by my beautiful niece who wants to play). That is half of my travel bag - shoes. The clothes don't take up much space, so the majority of the rest of the space is a large brush and make up. Again, when did I become that girl?

I do feel a little guilty, though, because there are many people out there who don't own 4 pairs of shoes, let alone think to take them on one overnight trip. I know I'm lucky (and spoiled) to have the things I have, and I also realize they are simply material things and I could do without them. What really matters are the relationships in my life, and the blessings I have, and I continually look for ways to share the excess that I have. This weekend isn't about the shoes that are on my feet, but it is about the celebration of my nephew. That is really what matters. Still - I have to look good while celebrating, right?

Have an amazing weekend and I'll be back soon to tell you more about my adventures!

(For those of you who have been lucky enough to know me personally and spend any time with me this past week - I used the semicolons correctly above; I'm not afraid of any punctuation!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's been a frustrating and annoying day. People were snipping at each other, in person and through e-mail. There were some exciting moments, and I was productive, but the people snapping at each other was draining. I can't say I was innocent - I had my share of crabiness, and I am never very good at hiding that. We were all getting hung up on the little things - the details. And nothing was anyone else's fault. In fact, I found out that some things were my fault that I had nothing to do with. I am over it though. My shoulders are broad, and if it makes someone feel better to have someone to blame, then go ahead and blame me.

I'm ending this day feeling grateful. I'm grateful for the chance to have a great dinner with awesome friends. Those friends listened to me rant and rave, and basically throw a tantrum, and then made me feel better just by being there and making me laugh. I can vent about my frustrations, and they don't think any less of me for feeling those frustrations. They make me stronger because they believe in me.

I'm also grateful for my family who supports me no matter what. They take care of me while I am down, and they celebrate with me when I have victories. I wouldn't be me without them.

I am successful, happy, and fairly well balanced, but I can't take credit for all of that. So I'll say it again - I'm grateful for all of my loved ones. Thank you for letting me be me, supporting me, and keeping me in line when needed. I'm blessed, and I'm reminded of that every day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Small Glimpse of Summer

Like any good shoe fan, I love a cute pair of boots, and bought a great pair on sale today, but I'm done with winter... I really want to be able to wear my pumps and not worry about falling on the ice, or my open toed shoes and not shiver because it's cold out, or, even better, throw on my flip flops to venture outside (gasp!)

This winter has been brutal across the country, and I for one am ready for spring! We get these glimpses of warmth and sunshine, and then the wind blows and it is bitter cold outside. So, to beat the winter blues that seem to be creeping in - here is a glimpse of summer.

This is the best drive I've ever had while playing golf. Granted, it was on a very short par 3, but still, I impressed myself. I am looking forward to golfing again soon. I guess you could say I miss my golf shoes :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Gram

Today is my grandmother's birthday. Gram passed away a few years ago, but she is still living strong in my mind. My sister and I still talk about her often, and just this past weekend we were talking about my dad's memory of Gram's potatoe soup (which she adamantly denied ever making).

Gram was, and is, a huge part of my life. She put me on the bus and got me off the bus; I helped her out at my parent's store; I watched Days of Our Lives at her house when coming home from 1/2 day kindergarten. We always had Thanksgiving dinner at her house on the China her father brought home from overseas, followed by a rowdy game of cards. I mowed her lawn. We shopped together, and ate at Friendly's (she loved their Liver and Onions). We laughed - a lot.

Don't get me wrong - Gram could be stubborn and drive us all nuts, but she stuck to her guns and made things happen. I wish she had written a book of the stories she could tell. For now, though, we will have to keep her stories going in our memory.

So where are the shoes going to come in here? I don't think they are coming in this time. My memories are dancing barefoot in her living room while listening to John Prine - That's The Way the World Goes Round. I still listen to that album now and then and smile, thinking of the good times we had dancing to it and to Me and Bobby McGee. She did know her music! There was another song by another folk singer about a Motorcycle (I don't want a pickle... Just want to ride on my Motor-sickle????), but John Prine was our go to album. My sister and I even got her to a John Prine concert one time.

Well I could babble on and on about this amazing woman, but I'll spare you. In the meantime - Love you Gram - today, and always!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happily Ever After

As I watch Shrek 3 I feel the need to post my sparkly shoes on here...
Every time I wear them I try clicking my heals together and hoping Prince Charming will come sweep me off my feet.  I'm still trying :-)

Big Thank You to my awesome sister for buying me these spectacular shoes!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I am your typical single woman who enjoys her independence, works hard, and loves her family.  I consider myself fairly low maintainence.  I don't have a kean fashion sense, although my clothes match (most of the time). I work hard and I play hard.  My dirty little secret... I LOVE shoes.  Any kind of shoes - heals, cute sneakers, flats, boots, pretty much anything.  I never thought I would be one of those girls who became obsessed with something so, well, girly.

I would like to blame this problem on a project I did last fall for my MBA on Zappo's supply chain...  but it goes farther back than that.  For my 30th birthday I trolled NYC with a group of amazing girl friends looking for blue shoes (which I didn't find, but I did come home with some adorable sandles and slip on Sketcher sneakers).  No worries - I did eventually get my blue shoes, which I make sure everyone knows I am wearing when I put them on (thank you facebook).

So since I force all of my closest friends to listen to my shoe adventures, I figured I should open up the dialogue to all of the world via a blog.  It may seem odd, but shoes bring me joy, and I want to share that joy.  To end my first entry I want to put up a picture of my newest acquisition - thanks to Marshalls clearance rack.  I can't wait until it is warm enough for open toed shoes...