Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Days, 6 Women, No Drama

I just returned from an extended weekend away with the girls. We went to Vegas and it was awesome!!! None of us are serious gamblers, and some of us had never even been to Vegas. There were a ton of "we have to see this" and "oh my god, look at that" moments and we walked up and down the strip. We celebrated a good friend's birthday, did some people watching (ok, we did a lot of people watching), ate good food, drank some adult beverages, spent some time in the spa, and played some slots. The one thing we didn't do - we didn't fight or bicker. It was a drama free weekend, at least among us.

I found this so refreshing in a world full of drama. We could just spend time together, laugh a lot, and have a blast. If you don't know who you can do this with, look around. Find those friends who make you a happy person, an honest person, a better person, and hold on to them tight!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ridiculous Pink Shoes (That I Love)

I love having friends that keep me grounded. I am truly a blessed individual, and I know it. I don't just have friends who make me feel better when I am blue (although they do that), but also friends that tell me when I'm being ridiculous. On a shopping outing the other day, my friend pointed out to me that I am willing to start a conversation with a guy I'm interested in, but as soon as it starts to look like it could turn into something more, I freeze up (and she jumps in and tries to help me). It got me thinking - why in the world do I do that? The easy answer - I'm scared of the change a relationship would bring into my life. I'm scared of being hurt, blah blah blah. I'm being ridiculous again.

So, my friend opened my eyes to something I didn't want to see, and it is something else I can work on. In the meantime, I went out and bought some gorgeous (and slightly ridiculous) pink sequined shoes. It will be hard to freeze up when I am wearing some stunning shoes! Cheers :-)

Friday, January 6, 2012


My horoscope today:

No one else is affecting your life but you. Do not give other people the power.

What a true statement! It made me think of people who say they are in a rut, or who complain about where they are in life. You need to remember that you are where you are because of the choices you made, which are choices you cannot change. Everyone makes choices that they may have not been the best, but you can make the best of them. If you are not happy, make a change. Don't waste time lamenting past choices you have made - make the right ones moving forward.

It is easier to blame others and circumstances, though, than to make a change (which also equals risk). I can change my life - not anyone else. I can choose to eat healthy and work out, or I can choose to sit on the couch. I can go up to that stranger and say hello, or I can be shy. I can forgive those that hurt me or I can hold a grudge. Everyone has choices and control of their life - the big question is what are you going to do with that power (the wrong answer is give it to someone else...)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years

It's January 1st - the day for making resolutions (many of which won't last to the end of January) and reflecting on the past year. We have a general belief in our family that odd years are harder than even years, so 2012 should be a great one! In all honesty, 2011 wasn't that bad, minus a few bumps, which means 2012 can only be amazing!

What will I remember when I look back on 2011? I will remember graduating with my MBA (or at least walking before we finished courses). I will remember my dad having surgery and then quitting smoking cold turkey (yay dad!!!). A fun trip to Colorado with good friends. A random snow storm in October followed by a super warm winter (40s on New Years Eve). An amazing friend and family member giving us a health scare, but coming out unscathed. A good friend's wedding. Hair issues. Lots and lots of blessings. Lots and lots of family and friends and support. Wine nights :-)

It was the year I was supposed to find love. One year ago, my brother-in-law filled out an online dating profile for me (that I never truly activated, because I didn't have the time or energy to make it worth my while). I know, I know, I need to make time for dating. I'm still not activating that account... So I can't add finding my true love to the list of things to remember from 2011 - but you never know what 2012 will bring! Either way, I can add the word love to the list of things that I will remember in 2011 - the love of all of the amazing people in my life.

So as I sit here and remember 2011, I also sit here and think about all of the possibilities of 2012. So my resolutions - I really really really want to run a marathon. My friend and I are going to start training and tackle this together (fingers crossed my knees hold out). That's my big resolution. I also resolve to appreciate all of the good things around me and not focus on the bad. Mindset is more than half the battle. Resolution #3 - take risks. I am definitely guilty of staying in a comfort zone, which is not going to bring about change, and (I know, cliche and all) change is good.

I'm excited to see what this year will bring - how about you?