Friday, May 27, 2011

What I've Learned This Week

Things I have learned this week:
  1. Even if the power goes out (causing a blinking alarm clock), your internal clock will wake you up in time
  2. Do not adjust a tension shower rod while in the shower - the water does not help you adjust the rod
  3. Buying a graphing calculator from Walmart is harder than it should be
  4. Avoid going to Walmart at 4 - there is a shift change/break time at this time, so if you need any help, it will be hard to find
  5. If your GPS cannot find a place you are heading to - get specific directions from someone who knows where you are going
  6. A purple table cloth makes a great rain coat in a pinch (or when it is pouring and you are are wearing 4 inch heals so running to your car isn't an option)
  7. Friends always make what could be stressful something to laugh about (ok, I already knew that one, but it is important to remember)
  8. Children always know when you need to laugh
  9. There is nothing a dinner with great friends can't help
  10. Taking the long way home (such as a ride down 9N from Lake George to Corinth) will bring back lots of good memories
  11. It is ok to take a day off from the gym if you wake up with a sore knee - even though the machines may be low impact, your knee will hurt more when you are done and it is never a good idea to limp out of the gym
  12. Reading a good book isn't a good way to go to sleep - when it really grabs you, you will stay up late to find out what happens
Ok, so 7-12 are all things I already knew, but they were also all reinforced this week. It has been a good week. Sure, there were some bumps (1-7 all happened on Monday alone), I'm still laughing. I had a friend mention I looked happy in recent pictures and, you know what, I really am. There are things I am still looking for, but I can't complain about my life. Especially not when I have great friends and family to keep me laughing.

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