Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick Read

You know the book I'm about to write about - it is everywhere.  Everyone is reading it, people are writing articles about it, it is all the buzz.  I had a networking lunch the other day with other professionals in the area, and it came up there.  Friends text me and send me notes about the book.  I had my virtual book club discuss it.  Yes, I am writing about 50 Shades of Grey.

It is funny how everyone I know who reads the book gets something different out of it.  It is like a train wreck that no one can put down once they start it, even though the writing is mediocre at best (sorry E.L. James - I still loved them all).  Many people get the guilty pleasure of reading an erotic novel (which most people have never actually read).  Beyond that, though, there are other messages in the books (particularly if you read book 2 and 3, which have a much more fleshed out story to them).

One friend of mine read them and really felt that the entrepreneurial spirit of Christian appealed to her, and she is thinking of starting her own business (which hopefully will be as successful as Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. is in the book).  Another one pointed out that at its root, these books are the evolution of two people and their relationship (which makes sense to me).  Others (particularly my fellow singletons) got hope that they may find the man who can easily buy them Christian Louboutin's.  

So, what did you get from it (because you know you read it...)?   

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