Monday, June 20, 2011

How Hard Is It To Pick Up After Yourself?

I am recuperating after a phenomenal weekend. I grabbed two of my favorite people and went to see Kenny Chesney (as well as the Zac Brown Band, Billy Currington & Uncle Kracker). It was a great day! We showed up early to enjoy some food and beverages while doing lots of great people watching. The parking lots were full of people enjoying some gorgeous weather and having a good time. Overall, I didn't think anyone got out of control. People were drinking and having a good time, but I didn't see any fights or people being belligerent. Drunkeness, yes, but belligerence, no.

The show itself was awesome. Even if you aren't a country fan, this is a group of entertainers who put on a great show, particularly Kenny and Zac Brown. I would recommend it to anyone, and I loved loved loved it!

Then it was sadly over, and we headed back to the car. That was when the disappointment set in. I wasn't disappointed the show was over - I had time to mentally prepare for that. I was disappointed in what people had done to the parking lots. I knew there would be some trash left around, but the broken bottles, coolers discarded, even a battered canopy that looked like people had just battered for the fun of it, made me sad. Why do we have to be slobs? Why do we expect people to pick up after us? How hard is it to pick up your trash and put it into a bag? Even if you don't carry it out with you, at least leave it off to the side where it isn't in the way of everyone else. It feels like people feel they should be waited on, and that drives me nuts. We only have one world, and we have to take care of it. Pick up your trash - think of everyone else who has to drive over or walk over your broken bottle and don't break it. It really isn't that hard! Grrr... makes me annoyed, sad, and disappointed all at once!

Still, the concert rocked, and at least I have that to remember!

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