Sunday, June 26, 2011

End of an Era!

Yesterday was my last official class as an MBA student. That symbolic graduation I wrote about a few weeks ago is not so symbolic anymore. Sure, I still have to finish my thesis (which I am currently avoiding a bit - I'll work on it once I am done with this post), but the physical classes are now over. It's strange, and it is a little sad as well. I truly love my classmates, and we have had a crazy 22 months together. Lots of ups, a few downs, a ton of laughs, and even a trip across the world (we all went to China together). I truly have another family because of this program, and I am so grateful for that.

All day yesterday I kept think things like "I'm really going to miss those comments from our own personal peanut gallery", or "There's our class philosopher again, I'm going to miss his outlook on life." I know I will see all of these people again, but that doesn't mean I will not miss them all terribly. We have been stuck in a room for hours at a time every other weekend since September 2009. Sure, the future outings may be a bit more fun than listening to a lecture, but it will still be weird not going back in two weeks.

As we finished our day with champagne and cake, a bunch of the classmates/family members took some time to share some thoughts and memories, and lots of tears were shed. I didn't trust myself to say anything, because I was on the edge of balling like a baby, but I hope they all know that I know our bond will continue, and I feel lucky that I was welcomed into this group of amazing individuals and professionals. We came from very different walks of life and that only added to the experience that was my MBA program.

To the Weekend MBA Class of 2011 - I love you all!

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