Monday, June 6, 2011

My experiment - thwarted before it even started

I have been living in my apartment for a year now, and so my intro offer with my cable company was coming to an end. I got the first big bill, and I decided that this was a silly expense I could cut out. I spent all day convincing myself that I could go without cable, at least through the summer, and I could switch to an online service, such as hulu. I then looked into Verizon, but fios isn't available for me now and satellite isn't really an option. So I talked myself into doing an experiment and trying to go TV-less.

You have to understand, my TVs are the old big TVs, so without cable, I need to buy a converter box. So if I am going without cable, I'm essentially going without TV. Can I do it?

I'm not going to find out. I'm a sucker - when I called to cancel I was offered a great deal/offer that lowered my bill to below where it was for the first year and I took it. So this summer will not be one lacking TV. In fact, I'm debating if I should order HBO... TrueBlood does start soon. I know, I'm weak.

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