Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Days, 6 Women, No Drama

I just returned from an extended weekend away with the girls. We went to Vegas and it was awesome!!! None of us are serious gamblers, and some of us had never even been to Vegas. There were a ton of "we have to see this" and "oh my god, look at that" moments and we walked up and down the strip. We celebrated a good friend's birthday, did some people watching (ok, we did a lot of people watching), ate good food, drank some adult beverages, spent some time in the spa, and played some slots. The one thing we didn't do - we didn't fight or bicker. It was a drama free weekend, at least among us.

I found this so refreshing in a world full of drama. We could just spend time together, laugh a lot, and have a blast. If you don't know who you can do this with, look around. Find those friends who make you a happy person, an honest person, a better person, and hold on to them tight!

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