Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Small Glimpse of Summer

Like any good shoe fan, I love a cute pair of boots, and bought a great pair on sale today, but I'm done with winter... I really want to be able to wear my pumps and not worry about falling on the ice, or my open toed shoes and not shiver because it's cold out, or, even better, throw on my flip flops to venture outside (gasp!)

This winter has been brutal across the country, and I for one am ready for spring! We get these glimpses of warmth and sunshine, and then the wind blows and it is bitter cold outside. So, to beat the winter blues that seem to be creeping in - here is a glimpse of summer.

This is the best drive I've ever had while playing golf. Granted, it was on a very short par 3, but still, I impressed myself. I am looking forward to golfing again soon. I guess you could say I miss my golf shoes :-)

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