Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parking Lot Madness

I went to the ballet last night (which was amazing by the way - if you get a chance to see Jewels go). The company was great, the dancing was breathtaking, and once it stopped raining the night was gorgeous (if a little chilly and buggy). Overall, successful evening. Until I got in my car to leave...

People tend to complain about "younger drivers" being overly aggressive, not knowing how to drive, and so forth. Well, the majority of the drivers in the parking lot were not "younger" (not that they were old), and they did not know basic concert parking lot etiquette (let one car out, go a ways, and possibly let another car come out, and so forth). If everyone is courteous and calm, the cars will easily get out with minimal waiting. This did not happen last night. There were cars right on other car's bumpers, and no one wanted to let others out. There were cars trying to back out of spots. It was overall a mess.

So, although the "younger drivers" may have some bad habits - we can learn from their concert parking lot exit etiquette.

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