Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Wound Up

I am all sorts of wound up tonight. Maybe the afternoon coffee isn't as good an idea as I thought it was at 3:30. It's midnight, I have work tomorrow, I have a paper I need to write in the next week, and I really should be sleeping right now... But when I close my eyes I start thinking about everything I haven't gotten to yet. I haven't called this person back. I haven't responded to this e-mail. I need to go grocery shopping... and the list continues. So I'm sitting on my couch (wearing my slippers of course), typing away.

What I need to do is start focusing on what I have accomplished lately. I am only one person. I only have so much time and energy (particularly when I can't sleep at night, which makes me tired during the day, vicious cycle, blah blah blah):
  • I did manage to clean the disaster area that was my apartment (hopefully that will last for a while).
  • My group finished one paper a week early and it's submitted.
  • I am more than half way done with the other paper that is due next Monday.
  • I remembered to water my plants today.
  • I finished half of my to do list for the week, which is half over, so that is good.
  • I have been to the gym this week and spent almost twice as long on the elliptical as I usually do.
Ok, now that I have at least made my list of accomplishments I can relax. Everything will get done - it always does. As my good friend has been telling me - Life is Good and This Too Shall Pass. Hopefully that applies to insomnia as well...

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