Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flip Flops

I'm so ready for flip flops!!! The funny thing about that statement, is I used to hate flip flops. They don't cover enough of my feet, which I actually really don't like. Feet aren't cute, even with an awesome nail polish on them. That is probably why I love shoes - because they make feet cute :-)

Anyways, I have been converted to a flip flop fan simply due to necessity. There are definitely times in the summer where it is just plain easy to throw on flip flops to run down to the lake, run out for errands, head to the pool, and do just about anything. I'm ready for that season!

Someone I love dearly is the flip flop queen in my mind. She lives where it is a little warmer than here, but they do get some snow. She doesn't let that hold her back - she wears flip flops year round. All of the bridal party wore flip flops in her wedding. She knows who she is, and she should know I'm sending her a big shout out right now!

Bring on the summer, the flip flops, the cute tops hanging idle in my closet, and, yes, even the bathing suit (although hopefully my trips to the gym will have paid off at least some by that point). I can feel the warmth trying to break through - you can do it mother nature!

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