Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Change Is Good

Today was my last day working at the office I've occupied for the past two years. I'm just going a down the road - same company, same role, different office. I'm excited about the opportunities and changes that come with this move, but I am also sad to be leaving the amazing people at my current (past) office. I keep telling them that I will only be a few miles down the road. I'll be back to visit. We'll do dinner. I'll fill in whenever I can. And I mean every word of it.

I can't pretend that this move won't bring change with it, and not just geography. I know I will miss my current co-workers, even though I will still talk to all of them regularly (and they are still my co-workers - I just can't go to their office and tell them every aspect of my life, which I know they just love). It will be different not having lunch at the little round table, people-watching out my window, and running out for coffee. I know I will love working at my new home, because I know the people I will be eating lunch and drinking coffee with now. Still, it will be, well, different.

Change is always uncomfortable and scary. It is also exciting, though, and I'm focusing on that aspect. I just hope that all of my friends and co-workers know how much they mean to me, and they stay in touch with me and continue to give me a hard time and challenge me every day. I love my job and I love who I work with. What adventures will this new placement offer? Only time will tell - and then I'll take my great friends out for a drink to share... because I'm a sharer (as you can probably tell). Change is good :-)

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