Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

Thursday is St. Patrick's Day (in case you have been living under a rock). I love St. Patrick's Day, and pretty much anything and everything Irish. The music, the accent, the beer, even the soda bread all makes me smile. My hair is strawberry blond (at least I'm convinced it is really strawberry blond - it's been a while since I saw my true hair color without a layer of hair dye on it), and my skin tone is the definition of pale. These traits, along with my love of all things Irish, makes many people think I'm Irish. My dirty little secret - there isn't a drop of Irish blood in me. It is a choice I make to celebrate all things Irish.

Last winter, I decided to take myself to Dublin for a long weekend. What a blast! My aunt with me, and we had a great time. Ironically, the green hills we expected to see were snow covered, and the few inches of snow they got almost shut down the city. That couldn't damper my excitement though. I must say, the Irish people were so helpful and accomodating, even though the snow shut down many of our modes of transportation. My only complaint is that I wasn't able to stay long enough, and I wasn't able to see quite enough of Ireland. That is why I am going back... I just need to figure out when

In the meantime, I'm trusting you with my deep, dark secret - I'm German and Polish; don't tell anyone, ok?

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

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