Monday, March 14, 2011

Thoughts For Japan

I have started more than one entry since Friday morning, when I woke up to the sad and shocking news about Japan. I cannot even express the shock that event gave me; my thoughts and prayers go out to all who need them at this trying time. It is times like this that we must remember we are all part of one large human race, and we can help those in need. Not just those in Japan, but those who are struck by more personal health tragedies, or anything traumatic as well. All of these people need to know they are loved and supported. We look at image after image of the damage and destruction, but it is important to remember the people who are suffering and living through these events. They haven't had a chance to think about rebuilding yet, and they continue to face threats to their well-being. Their lives will never be the same. We may be far away, but there has to be ways to help. Donate money? Collect supplies? Provide services? Whatever it is we can do, we should do it.

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