Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise at Work

It was a good day today! Busy, but good. When I was returning to the office after my Tuesday outing, I decided to stop by the mailbox, and my shoes (my gorgeous, turquoise, "trophy wife" suede heals) were waiting for me. Yes, I had them mailed to the office. And yes, I bought a pair of shoes called trophy wife heals, and I'm not even close to being married. Soon...

So I posted a picture of the shoes on facebook, and they spawned quite a few comments. Last week I had posted a picture of a similar pair of shoes I was thinking of buying (but these are better). I particularly like the male perspective on the pictures. "Why do you need more shoes?" "Where are you going to wear them?" "Don't you already have a pair of shoes?"

Here is my advice to those men - we don't buy heals to impress you or anyone else; we buy them for us. We don't walk around in what can easily turn into tiny torture devices (if forced to stand for any amount of time, particularly on concrete or other hard services) to impress men. We do all this for us. It is fun finding attractive, unique shoes that are also stylish. At least for me, colorful shoes are a way to express myself. I dress fairly conservatively, but I rock an amazing pair of shoes. It is my way of being me. And I do have plain, black and brown shoes (some are even flats), but they aren't as much fun to talk about as these fun ones. They are practical for my practical days, and someday I will have to talk about them. Today is not that day, though. Today is a day of happy surprises in the mail (and the bonus - I was wearing an outfit that I could wear the shoes with, so I put them on for the end of the day).

Enjoy your evening - and may there be a surprise in the mail for you tomorrow!

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